Cryptocurrency exchanges are essential entities for you to purchase and exchange different cryptocurrency coins.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are in essence web platforms that permit their customers to exchange one cryptocurrency for another based on the prevailing market values of each cryptocurrency. Just some of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges consist of Coinbase Pro, Binance, KuCoin, and Kraken. Each individual cryptocurrency exchange has assorted cryptocurrencies and pairings of cryptocurrencies. For instance, Binance has the BTC/ETH pair whereby one could sell BTC for ETH or on the flip side invest in BTC using ETH.

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Coinbase is primarily utilized to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat money and then deliver them to offline wallets or exchanges to trade. It is also an exchange in itself, with its product Coinbase Pro, that is also available to users seeking to trade right through Coinbase and with lesser user fees.

Binance and Kucoin are predominantly exchanges where one would need to transmit cryptocurrencies to the selective exchange in order to trade them for various coins. So, if for example, an individual found a cryptocurrency that was trading on Kucoin but not accessible on Binance or Coinbase, they would need to then set up a Kucoin account so as to buy it.

Shortly after establishing the Kucoin account, they would need to fund the account with the appropriate cryptocurrency used to pay for the coin of their preference. So, if there was basically a BTC/(whatever coin) pair on Kucoin for the coin that was preferred, BTC is what should be delivered to your Kucoin BTC address in order to invest in that coin.

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Certain exchanges like Uphold and enable individuals to get a debit card that can be used worldwide to shop for products using the cryptocurrencies put in storage on the exchange. It just depends on what coins a person is preferring to buy or how they intend to use their cryptocurrencies once purchased. Exchanges are the very best way to get the best deal on coins in circulation.

By looking at, one can discover what exchange provides each specific coin. Once that knowledge is identified, it’s just a matter of signing up to the exchange and buying the right cryptocurrency to buy the coin of choice. Coinmarketcap is not an exchange but is a valuable resource to track the prices of almost all the coins out there, and also to get detailed information about each of them as well as lots of other crypto related info.

You need to learn some of the best tips for using an exchange efficiently and for being able to purchase coins at the best price you can get them.

When evaluating the market on an exchange it might be a bit difficult to understand at first. When purchasing some other cryptocurrency using BTC for example, one will see the quantity of BTC that the individual coin is presently selling for and being bought for. When buying, it is wise to use a similar amount like some other transactions that have currently completed. Sometimes that may involve having some patience to wait for the price to reach your preferred buy price.

Additionally, an individual can enter buy and sell orders at certain limits, where the transaction would automatically go through if the cryptocurrency hit the limits set by the user. By taking advantage of this aspect, one can get cryptocurrencies at the precise price that they wanted to buy in at, and also sell at the rate by which they can make the most of their profits.

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You need to use caution when storing cryptocurrencies on cryptocurrency exchanges and instead open a cryptocurrency wallet online or purchase a cold storage wallet to  keep your cryptos safe.

The only problem with this is, most all your cryptocurrencies and money are on the exchanges waiting for certain buy and sell levels. If the exchange crashes or gets hacked, your money will be gone with it. For the reason that if it’s not your keys, it’s not your cryptocurrency, and exchanges don’t provide keys to wallets or accounts. They act as a place to buy, sell, and trade but few trust them to hold a lot of cryptocurrencies on. In those cases, it is better to get a cold storage wallet.

If you are quite new to cryptocurrencies, here is a link to a good quick primer to learn about Bitcoin as a beginner.                       Bitcoinforbeginners

If you’re brand new to the crypto space, I would advise becoming familiar with Coinbase first and Binance or Binance.Us if in the United States. With these two services, you will be able to buy your first cryptocurrencies and even exchange them for newer coins that may have a potential to become a whole lot more valuable in the future. Take y0ur time and practice patience when trying to open accounts on these cryptocurrency exchanges. They have strict requirements to operate and need to practice what is known as KYC, know your customer. So you will need to supply them with certain pieces of information.

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