About Us

Greetings, and thank you for visiting our Crypto Outrageous website. I hope you will enjoy the always updated current trending data related to 10 of the top cryptocurrencies today. You will also find some links to a few of the cryptocurrency exchanges where you can set up an account and purchase, sell, or trade some cryptocurrencies. For total transparency, yes I will receive a small commission if you open an account if you use my link to visit their website. 

We also have a blog area where I will be posting some articles related to the cryptocurrency space. Much of this data will be educational so especially if you are new to cryptos, this could be a good resource for you to learn more about the fantastic opportunity to earn money faster than any other investing niches out there. Cryptocurrency is an asynchronous investment, meaning you can invest a very small amount of money, but potentially make very large returns. I am not going to mention any particular examples here, because some are so outrageous, you would either not believe me or you would be scared to think you could really see gains of that magnitude. 

Our site can be your keep up to date location for those top 10 coins, an educational center to learn more about the cryptocurrency world, and to see up to date news about what is going on in this fascinating arena. We hope you will return often. Let us know if there is something you would like to know more about and we will do our best to research it and post information about it. 

One additional highlight our our site is a program that I would like to invite you to take a look at. You will find a link in the sidebar as well as some other locations around the site, because it is too big to explain all the details here. But basically it is a program that runs on the blockchain, the underlying software of cryptocurrency,  where you can not only help clean up the planet but you can earn free cryptocurrency, gold, or dollars when doing so. I think you will find the concept of this program very fascinating so find one of the links and get all the details. The membership is free to join. 

To your investing success,

Bill H.,

Website founder.