Thank You

We want to thank you for registering as a member to the Crypto Outrageous website. Below you will find the link to the free report entitled "Centralized Finance vs Decentralized Finance" that we promised to give to you. Please read the brief directions for downloading the report so you can find it immediately and make sure the download process works well.

Download report directions: Right click on the "Download Report" button below and when the box pops up you should see either "save file" or "save file as" choice depending on the browser that you are using. Once you click on that command another box will open and ask you where you want to save the file. A good place is your desktop so it will be easy to find, but if you have a preferred place to save files then by all means chose that. Once you have finished just click save and the file should start to download immediately. If you left click on the download button, the file will most likely download immediately without giving you a choice as to where to save it. Most likely it will go to your downloads file.

Crypto Report Cover image

The file is in PDF format so you will need a PDF reader to open and read the file. Most computers already have such an app but if you don't here is a free program that will work great.  Adobe Reader    If you happen to download the Adobe Reader, please notice on the download page where you see the name McAfee, there will be a couple small boxes that are checked and when you download the reader program it will also download those programs as well. There is also a box about downloading the Chrome Extension for the reader also, so any of those products you don't want, simply uncheck the boxes before you download the reader.